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Laisa Vasconcellos

Hello! I am Laisa Vasconcellos

Introducing Laisa Vasconcellos: A Journey Through Natural Beauty

Welcome! I’m Laisa Vasconcellos and today, I’m thrilled to share my unique story with you.

Are you ready? Grab your popcorn, and let’s embark on a journey celebrating authenticity.

I specialize in Micropigmentation, Eyebrow Design, Public Speaking, and Education, offering exclusive teaching methods focused on enhancing the NATURAL BEAUTY of eyebrows!

Also, as the innovator behind techniques like Soft Brows, Natural Waves, nano brows, and Personalized Eyebrow Design, I am dedicated to crafting facial visages that exude natural elegance. 

My expertise lies in tailoring designs to each client’s unique features while maintaining the integrity of their existing brow structure.

Join me as we explore the artistry of natural beauty and personalized expression.

Passionately dedicated to enhancing natural beauty, my journey in the beauty industry began at the age of 19 when I embarked on a career as a makeup artist. Since then, I’ve continually refined my skills, specializing in micro pigmentation, eyebrow design, and facial aesthetics. Through ongoing education, including participation in numerous Courses, Workshops, and Congresses alongside industry experts, I’ve consistently evolved as a professional.

Throughout my career, I’ve pioneered innovative techniques such as customized design, rooted in the philosophy of accentuating individual features.

Before, starting with a cosmetics store and teaching makeup courses, my passion for elevating women’s confidence led me to explore Eyebrow Design. Inspired by my mother’s meticulous eyebrow designs for friends, I transitioned into this field, determined to provide personalized service to my clients.

Beginning with humble origins, I conducted home visits rain or shine, ensuring each client felt valued and cherished. Despite the inevitable challenges, I remained steadfast in my commitment to excellence.

With perseverance and determination, I transformed a room in my parents’ house into a fully equipped service studio, meticulously curated with the help of my loved ones. This phase lasted three years, underscoring my unwavering dedication to my craft.

In 2014, my journey into micro pigmentation commenced, marked by a relentless pursuit of perfection from the outset.

My journey serves as a testament to the belief that success is achievable through dedication and perseverance. Connect with me on Instagram @laisaeyebrows to explore the services I offer and begin your journey to natural beauty.  Also, find our services on this page.