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Appointment Info And Policy

Please read below prior to booking your appointment.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Step 1: Consultation
We will conduct a consultation with you at the beginning of the appointment. We will discuss your beauty goals and the appropriate shape and color for you. The shape is based on your natural brow shape, facial features, and your personal beauty preference and the color will be decided based on your skin tone, undertone, natural hair color, and personal beauty preference. Please bring reference photos & inspiration photos to your appointment.

STEP 2: Brow Mapping & Shaping
We will map out your brows using precise measurements and draw them in with makeup to give you a preview of the shape for your approval. Your artist will use precise measurements to provide you with the most symmetrical shape for your face. You will be able to give your artist feedback for tweaks and changes. Once you approve the shape, we will then begin the tattoo process.

Step 3: Tattoo – Outline
Once you find the shape you love, we will tattoo the frame of the shape over the pre-draw without numbing to secure the shape. This part is very minimal in pain and feels like scratching/eyebrow threading!

Step 4: Numbing
Once the outline is completed, we will numb you with the best numbing on the market to provide you with the best experience.

Step 5: Tattoo – Shading
We will then continue the procedure and tattoo the shading.

Step 6: Aftercare Instructions
We will go over all the important information with you after the appointment such as: what the healing process will look like, how to take care of your brows during the healing process, how to maintain your brows, and how often to come back.

Step 7: Pre-book Next Appointment & Checkout
Every new set of brows requires two sessions to book, if this Is your first session we will assist you in pre-booking your first touch-up!


To prepare for your appointment and ensure the best healed results please read the following:

1 Month Preparation
• No Botox in the forehead area

2 Week Preparation
• Avoid facials two weeks prior to the appointment
• Discontinue retinol, vitamin A products, chemical peels, and active skin care (anti-aging, etc.)

1 Week Preparation
• Avoid excessive sun exposure
• In case of lip micropigmentation, moisturize the lips 4 times a day and take a medicine to prevent cold sores or herpes for 1 week before and 5 days after Lip Micropigmentation.

24 Hour Preparation
• No blood thinners such as caffeine (coffee, caffeinated tea, pre-workout), alcohol, smoking, aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen, etc.
• If you are oily, please exfoliate before your appointment
• Do not exercise on the day of your appointment

Failure to follow the above will result in a cancellation in your appointment and forfeiting your deposit.


A detailed aftercare brochure will be provided to each client after the appointment. Below is a summary of the aftercare instructions you will receive:

• No water contact on the brows or sweating for 7 days (Avoid getting them wet in the shower, steam/moisture, swimming, saunas, etc. for at least 7 days)
• Apply a very thin layer of ointment on the brows twice a day using a q-tip starting from the 4th day until all the scabs fall off
• Do not apply make up on the brows until all the scabs fall off
• Do not itch, pick, or pull the scabs – they will fall on its own

For 7 days
• Do not get the brows wet
• No sweating or working out
• No excessive sun exposure
• After 7 days, you can get them wet, but pat dry the brows – do not rub1


The following are a few issues that will NOT qualify a person for any permanent make up procedure:

  • Anyone under the age of 18

  • Is currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing

  • Has aged skin that is extremely thin or severely wrinkled

  • Has cancer and undergoing chemotherapy

  • Has a present open wound

  • Taking steroid medications

  • Has a bacterial or viral infection

  • Has transmittable; blood conditions like AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis

  • Allergic to anesthetics, makeup, colors, tattoo inks, etc.

  • Suffer from bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and/or healing disorders

  • Suffer from keloid and hypertrophic scarring

  • Active skin diseases such as skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, and undiagnosed aches or blisters

  • Currently using or have taken Accutane and other steroids within the past year

If you have the following, please consult and obtain a doctor’s note prior to your appointment:

  • Is currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing

  • Have diabetes and/or/ under doctor care

  • Have high blood pressure, heart conditions, glaucoma, or mitral valve disorder

  • Using blood thinning prescriptions

  • Have seborrheic dermatitis

If you have any of the above condition, please consult a doctor and bring a doctor’s clearance note. Failure to do so will result in appointment cancellation forfeiting your deposit and a 100% full service charge.



  • There are no guests allowed in the studio.

    • Exception: clients who need a translator and clients who have disabilities (upon approval).

  • Due to the unusual circumstance COVID-19 has put on the world, there are new studio policies in place to keep all of our clients, artist and students safe. 


  • Credit/Debit card (+4% processing fee)

  • Financing

  • Cash

  • Zelle


  • Appointments will be canceled and no refunds will be given if the client is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment.

  • Anyone who is late 15 minutes will be considered a no-show and will be subject to our cancellation/no-show policy. No exceptions.


  • Appointments: Cancellations less than 48 hours is subject to a 50% service charge. No-shows and cancellation less than 24 hours are subject to a 100% service charge. Any appointment cancelled within one week of appointment date will not be able to transfer the deposit amount to a later date. Cancellations must be made via email to

  • Failure to follow the pre-appointment care and notify the artist will result in an automatic appointment cancellation and subject to a service charge.

  • To cancel, please email us & include:

    • Your full name

    • Phone number

    • Your appointment info.

  • Training: Cancellations less than a week will result in a $250 cancellation charge. Cancellations less than a 48 hours will be a 50% charge. No-shows will result in a 100% service charge.


  • To reschedule and transfer your deposit, please email us at 7 days before your appointment. Rescheduling may result in a price change depending on the current pricing for that time period. Rescheduling will result in a new price if there is a new price since the last appointment was made.

  • Deposits can only be transferred once. A second reschedule will require a new deposit.

  • To reschedule please email us & include:

    • Full name

    • Phone number

    • Appointment info (date & time)

    • The new date & time you’d like to transfer to based on our availability here.

  • To reschedule less than 7 days before your appointment, a new deposit will need to be made. You can place a new deposit and book an appointment


  • All deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions.

  • Deposits for brow appointments may be transferred once if the notice is made 7 days before your appointment. The deposit amount will not be transferred if the notice is made less than 7 days. No exceptions.


  • Our studio will reach out to you via text 24-48 hours prior to your appointment to confirm your appointment. No response will be considered a cancellation/no-show.


  • Touch up appointments are for existing clients ONLY. If you have previous work by another artist your first session will be considered a cover up/color correction.


  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  • A credit or debit card is required to book an appointment. Card information is stored on file for cancellations and no-show fees.

  • We ask that clients notify us at least 24 hours before their appointment to avoid a no-show cancellation fee.


  • By booking an appointment and/or training, you understand and agree to our studio terms and policy.

  • Studio policies are subject to change at anytime without notice.